Hubert O’Hearn of the Chonicle Journal recently wrote
in a letter addressed to Bjorn and Benny,
entitled Memo to the Rock Star,

“Best yet! All you and Benny have to do is write the songs. You don’t even have to get together with your ex-wives and record with them or tour with them. All I ask is for five new ABBA songs and send them directly to a band called ABBAmania. Let them play them for you to hear. They are that good. In fact, I’m willing to wager my salary for the review that you’ll be impressed and allow the ABBA torch to be passed to a new generation of the band from Toronto!”



ABBAMANIA, A Tribute Concert


Dual performance with Bee Gees tribute concert "Night Fever"

Symphony Pops


ABBAmania the concert has been quoted as the # 1 ABBA musical production in the world with stops in Malaysia, South America, The Dominican Republic, Jakarta, Grand Cayman Islands and The United States. ABBAmania was one of the only shows to be invited to perform at the Royal Alexander Theatre in Toronto, where Mama Mia set the stage.
ABBAmania is a twelve-piece group complete with background vocals. They are accompanied by members of the London Ontario Symphony Orchestrathat travel with the show.

Their authentic costumes, vocal collaboration and stage performance exude an extraordinary re-creation of the magic and excitement of ABBA.

Abbamania is a rock musical which takes you back to the disco era of one of the best pop bands in history, ABBA. ABBAMANIA features nine incredible musicians and singers which are the main highlights of this musical. ABBAMANIA perform 21 of ABBA's hits, with all the costume changes, choreography, a live band, back-up singers and big studio sound. For all the ABBA fans, there are two shows you should see this year… Mama Mia, a play which features the music of ABBA, and ABBAMANIA, which recreates ABBA in concert!
Both shows are fantastic!



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